Texting while trashed

Well here is a fresh story and not one from the history book.

While going to see my old shift at Fire Station in July 2010, I was driving along when I passed a fellow, about 40 or so on a nice 20 speed bike and believe it or not he was using both hands to text while going about 25 mph on a 6 lane roadway. He was in the right hand lane I was in the next lane.

I was stopped 2 blocks later at the next traffic light and just to the right of a garage truck which was blocking the center lane and right turn lane and was going to make a sharp right turn into a narrow street..

I looked in the rear view mirror to see mister TEXT coming along in the right land and apparently he did not see the garbage truck as he hit the back of the truck went over the hand bars and into the back of the truck.

The truck made a right hand turn and kept going. The fellow was not moving in the back of the truck so I made a sharp turn and took off after the truck. I flashed my lights and sounded my horn, but the truck keeping going for about 3 blocks and then turned into a shopping center drive and headed for the rear courtyard.

When he stopped, I got out and told the driver what had happened and went to the rear of the truck. The bike rider was out cold. I called 9-1-1 and the boys in blue were right on the scene. They handcuffed the driver and told me he left the scene of an accident. I reminded the cop that there was an injured man in the truck and he told me to get away from the truck. I told him I was a ex-paramedic and the poor man needed help now. Another cop showed up and the two of them got between the truck and me and would not let me help the poor man, in fact they did nothing for him, never even looked at him.

The boys in RED showed up and called me by name and told the cops to step aside. The guy came to and asks how in the world he got in the back of a truck.

The medics called for a supervisor and the Shift Commander called for the police supervisor and I gave a complete statement of the incident and I will have to attend the hearing early next week as both of the officers have been put on UNPAID LEAVE.

I know this will ruin a lot of people’s day, but I did not wind up in Jail for my good DEED. At least not yet, I can’t wait to see the dash cams on the incident. Maybe I will be able get them posted on you tube.


The bike rider is fine; the cops got a day off without pay. The bike was toast and the dash cams show the guy in the back of the truck and the cop stated he never saw the guy in the trash. And there is no chance that the video will ever be on You Tube.

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