September 11, 2011


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Ten years and I still cannot watch TV about the World Trade Center.  I lost some very good people on that day and I cry for them.  As a lover of life, I will never understand WHY?  I quess I am very lucky, I came close a few times, and the really question will always be if the time came, could I do the job I was trained to do knowing I would die trying?

Life has been good and some hands protected me, but WHY ME?

Jesus carried his cross for 33 years, I spent longer than that fighting fire and now, 17 years later, the embers of that time still causes me pain on a daily basis.  Many of my childhood playmates, my school pals and five of the firefighter class of 1966 are gone and I remain.

I buried my parents, all of my uncles and aunts and my older brother and hundreds of my extended family of firefighters.  I have faced cancer three times and beat that bastard three times and the question remains WHY?

The answer maybe that my life has been extended one day for each person I touched over the last 70 years.  There is a growing list of people I pray for every night before I close my eyes, knowing some morning I will no longer have to face the morning light because I will have learned the answer to the question of WHY ME?

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